Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The worrying mom

I've come to realize that the worrying of a mother will never end. Although my mother has told me this on several occasions, I am one of those people who has to experience it for herself. And so it is as I sit here worried sick about my 5-year-old boy, T-man, who discovered a lump under his right nipple over the weekend. Yes, I said HE discovered it. Crazy I know. Somehow I feel guilty for not pouring over every inch of his body every day to make sure everything is normal.

We ran in to the pediatrician's office on Tuesday. He said he thought it is probably one of two things -- either a hemangioma (which is more common in babies) or a hormone related growth, which usually occurs in babies or teenagers.

Either way -- it is unusual. He recommended we start with an ultrasound, so we did that today. The pediatrician -- who is incredible, by the way, called me back already to go over our options. They are: 1. wait and see (come back in 2 weeks) if it grows, shrinks or stays the same, 2. go to a pediatric surgeon to have it removed and biopsied, 3. get a blood work-up and go to a pediatric endocrinologist to see if it is hormone-related. Ugh.

So, now the hubby and I will sleep on it and see where we want to go next.

I'll keep you posted!