Success Stories

"I have seen therapists in the past who have helped me in limited ways. Too often I left them after a few sessions feeling like I was just repeating my issues and had come full circle with how they could help me. Working with Tina opened up many new paths for me to deal with my worries and anxieties. Each week I felt I left our session with a new tool to try. I have had great success with Tina reducing my stress and overcoming fears that were not allowing me to enjoy my life. Thank you, Tina!" Kathy


"Tina Haisman has been my Life Coach for the past 8 months. She shares a special gift of healing “emotionally, spiritually and physically” with others. She has truly been a blessing to me. Tina is an excellent, trustworthy listener and possesses the skills of patience, professionalism, effort and determination. I now live my life with purpose and passion.

I have had total life changing experiences due to her expert guidance. Prior to my coaching experience I was a “nervous wreck” not understanding all the wonderful gifts God has given to me. I had nonstop stress 24/7; a mouse on the wheel. Through her support, compassion, commitment and expertise my life has turned around 360 degrees.

I feel much differently about myself now. I am more confident and content in my life spiritually which has directly had a positive effect on my relationships with family, friends and work." Sue

"Tina has been a wonderful inspiration to me. Even though I feel that I was a positive person in general, I think she showed me how to better express myself and to convey my feelings to my husband. Which in turn I was able to use those same tools into my job as well. I have been taught to journal my feelings down instead of redirecting them out toward my loved ones in anger, then in turn feeling like I have better control of my world. Tina's calmness in her voice was always soothing to listen to, but you can also hear her passion for her words when she speaks. I would recommend her to anyone as a life coach." Yvonne

"Meeting Tina was one of the best things that happened to me this year. She has helped me to change certain aspects of my life and has provided me with valuable tools to help me on my path to achieve my goals. I am forever grateful to Tina for being my coach and helping me to change my life for the better." Angie

"Eight weeks of life coaching has made a remarkable difference in my life. Tina has helped me to put action behind several goals that I had set for myself but had been unable to accomplish on my own. Her positivity and encouragement have led me to not only achieve my goals but also to have a better outlook on life and the challenges I face each day. I would recommend life coaching to anyone who wants to move forward in their life, whether it be in the area of finances, career, relationships, spirituality, or health. And don’t we all?" April

Tina's Personal Testimonial About Her Work with a Life Coach
Being coached by a life coach inspired me to become one. I saw first-hand the difference a life coach can make in the lives of others. Here is my personal testimonial about what working with a life coach did for me:

Since I started working with a life coach, I have become more confident in being who I am…embracing who I am…and enjoying who I am – instead of wishing I was like somebody else.

I have become more at peace with everything in my life – especially my relationships. I have learned how to make big, life altering decisions with care, concern and peace. I have become more confident and successful in my career.

I have become a more patient and fun mother, and I have learned parenting techniques that empower my children to make smart choices in their lives. I have become a more loving and understanding wife.

Working with a life coach brings peace and calmness to what can feel like a very chaotic world at times. I now know that I have a choice to live in chaos or to live in peace. I choose peace.