Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rediscovering the Inner Child is F.U.N.

Have you ever noticed when kids pretend to act like adults they lose their fun, childlike demeanor and become more serious? 

Ever since my daughter Alyssa was born, I've become acutely aware that I may have lost my connection with my inner child.

She showed me this when she was a baby, and I was changing her diaper. She would scoot her butt all over the changing table to keep me from getting a new diaper on. As a first-born, type-A personality, this would drive me nuts -- "work first, then play" was my belief.

But, I soon came to realize Alyssa was teaching me that we can work and play at the same time. And that we should work and play at the same time, because, if we keep trying to get all of our work done first, there will never be time for play.

I have worked to try to incorporate this new belief into my life for the past seven years of her life. I need a lot of reminding to reprogram my old ways. It's not easy. Some days I feel sorry for her being my teacher in this area -- it's a big task! But I am so grateful she is here to teach me!

My first-born, Tyler, has been getting in on the fun lately, too. He came home from school yesterday with a riddle from a friend. This sparked a string of riddles going through our house. Alyssa is even in on it now! A riddle is a great way to slow yourself down and think like a child. I have to admit -- at first, I felt busy, and I did not want to slow down long enough to solve the riddle, but I did, and it was fun!

I guess they got me going on a playful theme today, because later at yoga, our instructor said to "play around" with our poses -- to try new things. That sounded like a good idea, so, I gave the "crow" pose a try -- darn near got it! What fun that was! For two years I've been doing yoga and never gotten brave enough to try a difficult pose like that.

I was so excited I came home and showed the kids and started running around the house cawing like a crow! I know, now you think I'm crazy! But nope, just acting like a kid! And by the way, as of this moment, everyone in the house has tried crow pose! Even Paul! Awesome!

What will you do to be playful today?