Tina's Coaching Philosopy

My passion for coaching comes directly from my experience in being coached. Since I have been working with a life coach, I have achieved some of my greatest personal and business successes.

It has been an exciting time for sure, but, something changed in me several years ago when I saw how coaching helped my marriage go from surviving to thriving. I also experienced a rich growth in the quality of my friendships and relationships with family members.

I had a revelation that it was time for me to start teaching other women what I had learned about growing into the roles of mother, wife and friend...into the women God wants us to be.

I believe God uses every experience in our lives to help us grow closer to Him. I see every challenge in life as a character building opportunity -- the greater the problem, the greater the potential for spiritual growth. We have a choice when faced with life's challenges -- we can become bitter and stuck, or we can learn how to fly.

With this philosophy in mind, I teach my clients to focus upon their strengths, see the many lessons they are learning and how to follow their own Divine guidance. The result of which is a profound sense of inner peace.

My goal is to set my clients free by giving them the tools to coach themselves after a period of working with me.

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