Saturday, August 8, 2015

Please Speak Kindly to Yourself

Friends, how you talk to yourself inside your head matters. You are truly hurting yourself when you tell yourself you were an epic failure at something.

Was it not spending enough quality time with your kids?
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Yelling at your kids?

Not meeting your exercise or nutrition goals for the day?

Forgetting to call someone?

Being late to something?

Misplacing your keys?

To see more clearly how you should be talking to yourself instead, imagine how you would talk to your best friend.

You wouldn't say, "You were an epic failure today."

You would say something more gentle and compassionate, like, "OK. You're human. Tomorrow is a new day. You can do better next time."


So, let's practice that with ourselves. Listen to what you say to yourself inside your head and the way you talk about yourself to other people. Notice if you are not being your own best friend. Changing the way you talk to and about yourself can help you feel more peaceful and centered inside. I want you to feel more peaceful and centered inside. Would you like to feel more peaceful and centered?

If this message is resonating with you, that means it is for you. Let me know if you need some help.

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