Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Living With Intentionality: A Simple Exercise to Get You Started

Sometimes in life we get so bogged down with the details of getting things done that we fall into routines and habits and forget to really live.

We also tend to let the demands of others tell us what to do instead of deciding for ourselves what we really want to do.

Have you been feeling unhappy lately? Bored? Unfulfilled? These might be clues that you are not truly living your life.

Would you like to see what it feels like to be truly living?

Here's a simple exercise to get you started!

1. The next action you get ready to take, whether it is doing the dishes or sending an email, stop and ask yourself, "What is my intention with this action?" Look for true intentions. Pure ones.

Some intentions might be:

  • To make yourself happy 
  • To make someone else happy
  • To show love to someone
  • To be helpful to someone
  • To serve someone
2. Once you have found your intention for that action, proceed with it now that you are fully aware of why you are doing it. As you complete your action, remind yourself of your intention. This will bring you joy. It will bring you into the present moment. It will bring you to living intentionally.

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