Friday, July 3, 2015

Anger is a Sword We Raise to Protect Ourselves

Anger is a sword we raise to protect ourselves from getting hurt again. Seems wise at first glance, but being on guard in this way is actually not protecting us. It is hurting us. Stopping the flow of love in one relationship constricts the flow of love in all of our relationships.

The sword is an energy block. It is blocking love from flowing to and from us freely. This causes both emotional and physical challenges.
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Those tense shoulders? They are hurting from holding up that sword. That pain in your stomach? You might as well be stabbing yourself with that sword. No love is flowing here!

Emotionally, holding up the sword leads to a lot of self-doubt, loneliness and judgment. You take it out on others, but you are your one true victim.

At the heart of it, you are not really angry with anyone else. You are angry with yourself for allowing other people to hurt you.

How do you get out of this situation? Put down the sword.

Here's how
  1. If someone has angered you, take time to look at the experience. Write out what happened and your feelings about it. Look for any lessons you might have learned. 
  2. Now, turn the experience around. Put yourself in the other person's shoes for a moment to see the experience from their perspective. Write out the experience from their perspective.
Hopefully this exercise will result in you finding some compassion for the other person. This may or may not lead to a physical reconciliation, but it doesn't have to. The important thing is that you release your anger and allow compassion for this person to enter your heart. You can then forgive them, and, most importantly, forgive yourself.

The formula is simple, but not easy. Drop the sword. Release the anger. Return to love.

Let me know if you need help with this.

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