Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Memories from a little Wooden Chest

I had an interesting experience with the kids this afternoon. They asked to look in my cedar chest, which is a cute, little wooden chest my dad made for me when I was little. I have a few keepsakes from my childhood in there, along with lots of cards I received growing up -- birthdays, Christmas, graduations and more.

We started reading some of the cards. Wow! What memories! There were cards from my parents, Grandparents, sisters, friends and more. Reading them made me feel so loved.

I explained that I kept the cards for memories so I could go back and look at them some day like we were doing at that moment. Then, I told them that I was keeping all of their cards, too. Alyssa was very excited to see her cards, so I pulled them down from the shelf in her closet. What a wonderful experience that was!

She loved going through them! Since she can't read yet, I told her what the cards said and who they were from. It was like Christmas! She was so tickled to hear who each card was from. Of course, many of them were from her grandparents, so at one point she said, "Wow, they must love me a lot."

Oh my goodness. That was one of those moments where time stands still for a second. I just looked at her, smiled and said, "Yes, they do."

Wow. The power of a card. How interesting that a 4-year-old gets the meaning of a card. And, to think, 20 or more years from now when she goes back to look at them, her heart will melt all over again. Amazing.

Written in honor of all of my friends and family who have shown me their love with a greeting card.

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