Thursday, June 24, 2010

Learning from the Kiddos

I thought I'd write a little about all of the goodbye's we are saying in preparation for our move. It's been an interesting experience.

Paul and I want to make sure Tyler and Alyssa have the opportunity to properly say goodbye to their friends, so we threw a going away party for them last weekend. Many of their friends came to celebrate and play. We kept the energy positive and fun.

We played music, the kids played on the playground, and our friends brought pictures to add to our SWFL memory books. We spent time talking and simply enjoying being together. It was wonderful. We were really grateful for everyone who could make it.

In addition, I've been setting up play dates for Tyler and Alyssa with some of their closest friends.

It is kind of strange setting up these "last" play dates. I'm trying not to look at them as "final." Because friends are always friends. Yes, things will be different when we move, but we will be back to visit. Plus, we can keep in touch with cell phones, email, text messages, snail mail, Skype and more.

I'm finding the play dates to be fun and normal. If you could see the kids at these play dates, you'd never know if they were feeling sad about moving. They're playing the same as they always do.

That reminded me that young children tend to live in the moment. They don't worry about the past or the future as much as adults. They are at a play date with their friends, so they will play and not worry about anything else. Isn't that a beautiful thing?!

I'm trying to keep that in mind as well. All we have is today. We do not have yesterday -- it is gone. We do not have tomorrow -- it isn't here yet. But, as for today, it is a beautiful day for making memories!

-- Written with love for all of our SWFL friends. xoxoxo

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