Saturday, March 21, 2015

Life Lessons from Cinderella

Photo credit: Disney
Couldn't help but put this one out there ... Have courage and be kind.

So simple, but true.

In life, we need courage to overcome fear.

I'm not talking about fears of heights, spiders, monsters or anything like that. I'm referring to fears that impact us on a daily basis.

Here are a few common ones:
  • intimacy -- this fear keeps us from fully receiving love from others
  • loneliness -- this fear causes us to never have healthy silence in our lives
  • failure -- this fear causes us to not take risks and live fully
  • rejection -- this fear causes us to not be ourselves
  • commitment -- this fear keeps us separate from others
  • abandonment -- this fear causes us to act in controlling ways to keep people near us
So, take some wisdom from Cinderella's mom -- have courage, take a risk to live and love fully, and always be kind!

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