Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Three Keys to Your State of Happiness

Being happy is a state of mind, and it's really not that difficult to achieve if you know what to do. Here is a super-simple 3-step technique to get you started. 

1. Set your intention.
2. Gather your gratitude.
3. Activate your action.

Grab your journal and work with me.

First, set your intention for what you would like to achieve. Are you trying to be a more patient mother? A more loving wife? A more prayerful woman? Write your desire in the present tense, like this, "I am a patient mother."

Next, identify at least three things you can be grateful for. So, if your intention is to be a more patient mother, you could be grateful for each new day to try again, that you were patient once yesterday, and that your child accepted your apology after you were impatient. Don't be afraid to dig here!

Finally, identify one or two things you can do today to be more patient. Maybe you need to take some time for yourself by meditating, taking a yoga class or taking a nap. Then, follow through on your action steps. 

Contact me if you would like more guidance.

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