Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Who the Heck Am I?

I seem to be coming across many people lately who don't think they know who they are or what they want to do when they grow up.

I see people who have had a career for many years, but are not feeling happy or fulfilled by their work.

I see people who have been laid off and now have an opportunity to discover what they want to do.

I see people who have already started to explore a new reality, but seem to be backing off for fear they will fail.

I see young moms, who chose to stay home with their children, feeling the desire to start their own business.

I also see more experienced moms -- in their 40's and 50's -- struggling to figure out who they are and what they want to do now that the kids are raised and on their own.

I find this all very interesting, and I wish I could just whisper the word "courage" into their ears. Because the only way to find your true happiness in life is to take some risk and try. But the questions these people ask are, "What if I fail?" or "What if I don't like it?" Self-doubt takes over. Fear grounds them.

My answer to those questions is the same -- at least you got off the fence and tried. At least you took a step forward. Even if your choice does not work out, it was still a step forward. Why? Because you now have more information than before you tried it.

Is it this simple? Not exactly. But there is a process. All it takes is drive and determination on your part.

What is the alternative? Living an unhappy, unfulfilled life? Feeling like you're going nowhere? Why would you live that way when you know a fulfilling career is possible? Contact me when you're ready to love your life and your career!

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