Friday, December 3, 2010

Preparing for our First Snowy Day

Tyler's first snow experience at 2 yrs old.
We are so excited here at the Haisman household! Weather forecasters predict snow will begin falling tonight around midnight and will accumulate to 3-5 inches by the end of the day tomorrow.

Paul thinks this is perfectly scripted for our first snowfall -- it's a Friday night -- so the weekend is at hand! It's at night, so it won't interrupt any activities, and in the morning, we will all wake up to snowy white grounds -- this will be the first time ever for Tyler and Alyssa!

(For the record, Tyler will tell you he played in the snow when he was 2 years old. He did. But, of course, he does not remember it. He's only seen pictures!)

Paul and Tyler have a plan to wake up at 2 a.m. and sneak outside for some fun! Mommy and Alyssa are not invited!

Alyssa's snow pants aren't pink.
Alyssa, my 5-year-old, is having a fashion meltdown because her snow pants aren't pink! Seriously! She cried about it. What is a mom to do? Do they make pink snow pants? I'm sure they do, but these were a generous hand-me-downs, and we are using them!

As if the pink issue wasn't enough, she also protested that they were the overall type. She's no farm-girl?! Paul had to make up a story about how Tyler's snow pants were going to fall down and expose his bare bottom because he doesn't have overalls. That made her laugh and seemed to diffuse the situation. Oh my goodness. Too funny!

So, Paul got the kids all excited and had them get all of their snow clothes out and put them next to their beds! How cute!

Stay tuned and we'll share some of our first snowy adventures!


  1. I can't wait to hear about how Tyler and Alyssa react to the snow! I'm on Alyssa's side though, she needs some pink snowpants! Target is sure to have some just her size! Have fun!

  2. Tell her those are "official" ski pants and she will learn to ski and sled faster than Tyler because she had REAL ski pants :-)