Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Today I read the quote "When was the last time you did something for the first time?" by Kobi Yamada. It reminded me about our recent sledding adventures.

Moving back to Illinois has been such an adventure for us -- sharing new and old experiences with the kids.

Sledding has definitely been one of them. Although it's not a first for me, it's like a first, because it has been so long! It's exhilarating -- flying down those big hills, trying to steer with no steering wheel, letting out girly screams, snow flying up in your face!

We've got three different sleds right now, so we all take turns on the different sleds and try find as many different ways to go down as possible. I can't say I can pick a favorite, but one of my favorite ways to go down the hill is on my belly on our purple penguin blow-up sled. It seemed like such a crazy thing to do, at first -- to go head first -- but, wow, what fun! I think I'm addicted!

Part of what makes the experience so great, aside from the rush, is that everyone around us is having fun, too.

I was so moved by watching the adults -- they are having as much fun as the kids during this so-called "kids activity." I hear the joy in their laughter and recognize the exhilaration in their voice. And it's fun to watch them "help" their kids discover different ways to fly down the hill!

I was sure during this fun-filled time to also take a moment to look around at the beauty of the landscape -- the sun was shining, the sky was bright blue, the bare, brown trees surrounded the hill, the snow was crisp and white. The snow hill was peppered all around with people sledding down and walking up. The voices of everyone around us were cheerful, joyful and excited. How wonderful! Happy Winter! Enjoy this video clip Paul bravely took while sledding on the disc!

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