Thursday, January 28, 2010

What is a Life Coach

Many of my close friends know I've been working with a life coach for about a year now. Her name is Lynne, and she has helped me beyond measure. Frankly, I don't know where I would be without her. She's coached me through the most challenging experiences of my life. This woman is a true angel.

I have enjoyed being coached so much that I am going to become certified as a life coach, as well. I want to help others with all I have learned from Lynne this past year. At this point, though, I feel I know enough to be dangerous, so I'm taking the certification class to be properly trained.

This blog is actually a homework assignment from my first class. I've decided to write about what a life coach is, because I don't think many people really understand. So here it goes...

A life coach is someone who helps you live the life you want to live ... who helps you be the person you want to be ... who helps you live in peace and harmony instead of chaos, guilt and regret ... who helps you achieve your goals. Most of the time, people hire a life coach to help them in one of five areas: relationships, career/business, health, finance and spiritual growth.

I hired Lynne to help me with relationships. Whew, what an amazing year it has been. Thank God for her, because I needed more help than I realized at the time! I have healed failed relationships from many aspects of my life by accepting responsiblity for my part in their demise. Sound scarry? It is! But it's also liberating at the same time! Imagine how great it would feel to start shedding all of your old baggage. It's awesome!

I have a multitude of stories about my successes with working with a life coach this year -- both personal and professional. Remember the Million Dollar Coupon? Yep, she coached me through that, too! I almost didn't accept the assignment out of the fear of failure, and I thought about giving it up several times when the going got tough. But she stood beside me the entire time, reminding me of my intentions with my career and the project, encouraging me to dig deeper and try harder. It worked amazingly!

So, that's all for now -- just a little tease about what a life coach is...stay tuned to learn more later. If you like what you've just read, I'd recommend reading David Essel's Slow Down, The Fastest Way to get Everything You Want. You can start to change your life immediately!

Make it a great day!

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  1. My sister in law is a life coach in the Chicago area. Must be a growing trend!!!