Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Going with the Flow brings on the Best Monday Night Ever

Last Monday night I was looking forward to a fabulous dinner of Italian Beef. I've never made it before, so I was really excited about it. I teased Paul via text message all day about how great it smelled while it was cooking!

I had also planned a babysitter to come over from about 4:30 - 6:00 to play with the kids so I could get some work done. I was very excited about this guilt-free time to work.

It was going to be a great night!

Around 5:10 p.m., I realized both plans were going south. The babysitter sent a text message saying she got held up at cheerleading practice. She wouldn't be there until 5:30 p.m. My Italian Beef was either not done or overdone. Apparently, you are supposed to be able to shred it with a fork -- very easily. This was not happening. Kids were yelling, phones were ringing... "Oh my, what is happening to my perfect night," I thought.

At that point, my mom called in and said not to worry about the beef -- it probably just needs more time to cook. Fine, plan B for dinner that night.

Then, I almost texted the babysitter back to let her know that we would schedule another night for her to help out. But, something kept me from doing it. A little voice inside my head said, "Just let her come." So I did.

Paul called on his way home from work, and I explained what was going on. He suggested we take advantage of the babysitter and go out for appetizers and wine. Then, come home and see if the beef was ready. That sounded awesome to me!

I made pigs-in-a-blanket for the kids and the babysitter, and out the door we went. We were only gone a couple of hours, but it felt so liberating! We took advantage of the fact that things were not going as planned ... and made the night better than it would have been otherwise -- a Monday night date night! Wohoo! It was awesome!

I was so grateful for that little voice in my head that allowed the babysitter to come, even though it was later than I was hoping for. It allowed us to have a fabulous Monday night.
Allow is a word I'm learning a lot about lately -- we can plan all we want, but sometimes, things don't go as planned. I'm finding that going with the flow and seeing how things turn out isn't so bad. In fact, it's fun! What a great lesson for those of us who tend to try to control everything!

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