Friday, January 2, 2015

The 10 Minute Attitude Turnaround

Feeling crabby? Stressed? Rushed? Just plain unhappy? No worries, I've got a little life coaching tool to help turn your attitude around in under 10 minutes.
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First write out a list of everything that is making you feel stressed or unhappy.

Some examples might be:
1. I have to be in 3 places at once today
2. I still need to plan my dinner menu for next week and go grocery shopping
3. I haven't had time to work out all week
4. I am behind on my work
5. I overspent at Christmas
6. I have no time for myself
7. The kids are driving me crazy

Next, write one thing you are grateful for that relates to every stressor you wrote down. Let's take the sample list above and bring in some real gratitude.

1. My husband can help drive the kids! ... or ... I can ask my girlfriend to carpool!
2. I found that really great menu planning tool online!
3. Christmas break is almost over, and I will very soon be back to my regular workout schedule! ... or ... I can go for a 10 minute walk later today! ... or ... I can do some yoga at home right now!
4. At least I have a job! I know it will get done, it always does! ... or ... I can ask a co-worker for help!
5. Now that Christmas is over, I can get back to my regular budget and work with the overspending! ... or ... I'll get a refund from my taxes that will more than take care of the problem and I can start fresh!
6. I realize I need time alone. That's the first step! Kids are going back to school soon, and I will have more time to myself! ... or ... Maybe I can ask my husband or a girlfriend to hang with the kids for a while so I can have some me time.
7. The kids are going back to school soon! And P.S. I am so grateful they are happy and healthy!

I almost always find this tool turns my attitude around! There is something amazing about digging deep for gratitude when you just don't feel like it. You suddenly see that things are not that bad.

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