Monday, June 2, 2014

It is Better to be a Lion for a Day, than a Sheep all your Life

Katy Perry

Came across this quote today and decided to do some research on the lion in my Animal Speak book. What I found surprised me and convinced me to place the quote with a female lion instead of a male lion.

I really wanted to use a picture of the male lion, because they are so stunning, but it is the female lion that really deserves to be in the spotlight.

The lion is symbolic of the assertion of feminine energies and of the female sun.

It is a symbol of the sun and gold. Lions usually live in groups called prides, which signifies communities in our world.

Within the pride, the females are the best hunters and they do most of the hunting and rearing of the cubs. They work together cooperatively to do so. The cubs are lavished with affection and their parents are patient.

The males do very little work in the prides and are said to be jealous of the lionesses. But they do protect the pride against predators. When hunting they use their roar to scare prey toward the lionesses.

The lion does not fight for the sake of fighting. It avoids confrontation.

The lion symbolizes an opportunity to awaken to a new sun. Trust your feminine energies -- creativity, intuition and imagination. Don't be afraid to roar if you feel threatened or intruded upon.

The lion has shown up for me recently, so I am taking in these messages to see how they apply to my current life situations. It's got me singing a little Katy Perry, "You're gonna hear me roar!"

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