Tuesday, March 11, 2014

An Unexpected Date Day During the Week

I'm still feeling the high of spending an entire day with my husband yesterday. What a treat!

The reason the day came about was because we had a busy night of activities scheduled with the children, including Alyssa's first reconciliation.

I was concerned about how we were going to make it all work, so Paul offered to take the day off to stay home and help it run smoothly. I am so glad he did! We decided to make a day of it!

We started off the day by taking a spinning class together. Then we went shopping for wall art and took our time since there were no children rushing us or complaining about being bored.

Then we spontaneously stopped at one of our favorite restaurants for a nice lunch before picking up the kids from school.

I wish we could do that more often. It was soooo nice to have some time alone together while the kids were in school. It was a restorative break from the usual routine. It was unplanned and unexpected. It was a gift.

I also loved that we were both awake and alert and had our full energy -- unlike most evenings after we put the children to bed and we are just exhausted!

Paul sacrificed a day at the office to help me at home, but he gave me so much more than that. He gave me a break, some of his valuable time and his undivided attention. That makes me feel loved!

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