Thursday, February 20, 2014

Can You Recover the Stone After it's Thrown?

Tyler and Alyssa's school counselor has been making her rounds this week talking to all of the classes about friendship. She uses a very visible analogy for the children to see the impact of their words and actions on others.

She has them crinkle up a piece of paper. Then open it up. Apologize to it. And see if all of the crinkles magically went away. Obviously, they did not. What was once a smooth piece of paper is now riddled with bumps.

She then explains to the children that this is what happens when we hurt others with our words and actions. We can and should say we are sorry, but the impact of our words and actions leave a permanent scar on the other person. What a powerful visual for children to learn from, and it reminded me of this quote:

5 Things You Can't Recover In Life:
     1) The stone after it's thrown.
     2) A word after it's said.
     3) An occasion after it's missed.
     4) Time after it's gone.
     5) Trust after it's lost.

This quote strikes me as a bit hopeless at first, but you know me, that's not where I like to dwell. So, I'd like to suggest that this quote is a positive reminder to think before we speak and act.

If I could take it one step further, I would also say that the scars that come from the words and actions of others are what make us. They shape our character and make us stronger and better.

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