Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My take on Tim Tebow

I just wanted to share my thoughts on this whole Tim Tebow discussion.

First, let me say that I am no football expert -- just a fan.

Those of us familiar with Tim Tebow from UF already know and love him. We have already witnessed his passion, perseverance, integrity, leadership skills and strong faith. We were truly amazed by him when he was in college, but now he is playing on another level -- one the critics said he would never play on.

Since the Broncos win over the Bears on Sunday, I have heard people saying "God doesn't care about the results of a football game." Hmmmmmmm.....

That thought makes me raise my eye-brows. I think God does care. Because Tim Tebow miraculously rallying his team to victory in the final minutes of the last several games has grabbed our attention. It's grabbed the whole nation's attention.

I think God is using Tim Tebow and football to deliver a message to us. It is simple, but strong -- Believe. 

Believe in what? You interpret that into your own life. Believe in God. Believe in yourself. Believe in miracles.

Tim Tebow did not listen to the critics who said he would never make it in the NFL. His heart told him to push on, and he has. He believes in himself and he believes in God.

He is spreading that belief outward now. Starting with his teammates. Did you hear how he approached Denver linebacker Wesley Woodyard in the locker room and told him not to worry because God spoke to him? Well, Woodyard is the player who amazingly stripped the ball from Marion Barber just before he was about to put the Bears in scoring position. In a recent news article, Woodyard said it best himself, "God speaks to people to reach other people."

I believe God is speaking to us always. But we can't always hear Him with the busyness of our lives. He has cleverly found a way to grab our attention. He has come to us through one of our favorite activities -- watching football -- and He has a message. Are you getting the message?

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