Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beyond Frustration

This is our new home that we are excited to move into!
It's been a while since I've written. I've been thinking about what to write, but not sure about what to write. Meanwhile, I've been experiencing some very frustrating and stressful times. So, I thought I'd just write to get it out of my head and share with others in case it is helpful to you somehow.

The closing on our Florida home was scheduled for Jan. 14. About a week before, the bank for our buyers requested a one week extension. Fine. Honestly -- we questioned the Jan. 14th date from the start, but were assured by both our agent and the buyers' agent that it would be fine.

So, the closing was re-scheduled for Jan 21. Our attorney and title company had everything ready to go and were only waiting on the buyers' bank to send the loan packet. The entire day of Jan. 21 went by without any acknowledgement from the bank. Our attorney called. Our agent called. The buyers' agent called. Our attorney emailed. Our agent emailed. The buyers' agent emailed. No response all day long.

Finally, at the end of the day on Friday, we heard back from the bank and they said they were sorry for the inconvenience and that we would close on Monday. That they would reassign the loan to a local Fort Myers-based mortgage person and that we would have the loan packet first thing Monday morning. As frustrated as we were, we decided to give them another chance.

So, first thing Monday morning came ... and went. No loan packet. The loan was not reassigned. Again -- an entire day of calls and emails to the bank with no response until the end of the day. We began to question how long they were going to drag this out. They had 46 days to work on the packet, and it was as if not a single thing had been done yet. Plus, they ignored us all day long -- again. 

At this point, it's Tuesday at 9 a.m. CST. We are still not closed on our house. From what I understand the loan packet did come in during the night and we should be closing later today. I truly hope that is the case.

Part of me is so frustrated that I want to tell you who the bank is. I want the guy who screwed this up to be fired -- and maybe his manager. I wonder if the company that is relocating our buyers to Fort Myers hired the bank for their relocations -- if so, I want to shout to them that they need to fire the bank.

I want to call the bank and give them a piece of my mind. Via email they apologized for the inconvenience -- REALLY?! We are talking about peoples lives and thousands of dollars here. You're sorry for the inconvenience? Are you sorry for ignoring calls and emails? Are you sorry you just flat out did not do your job???

So, how does this story fit in with life coaching? Well, one of the best things you can do to clear frustrations from your mind is to write them out. Check. Next, you write out your intention for the situation -- my intention is to have a successful and peaceful sales transaction for our Florida home in time to close on our Illinois home. Check. Third, you write what you are grateful for -- we are grateful we have time between house closings! Check. Final step, write out your action plan. Our plan is to continue to follow-up with phone calls, remain calm with the other people involved and to see if we can re-list the house if the deal does not go through today. Check.

Wish us luck!

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