Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hold onto Your Hats! Windy City, Here We Come

It's been a very exciting time in the Haisman household -- we're M.O.V.I.N.G. -- to Chicago! Yikes!

Yes, I know it's cold there! That's the furthest thing from my worries at this point. It's the distance from my wonderful family and friends here in Fort Myers that has me most teary-eyed. Paul and I have been here almost 15 years.

The reason we are leaving is that Paul found a FANTASTIC job opportunity. He will be the top IT professional for the YMCA of the USA! Neither of us could be any more excited about this opportunity. It is amazing, and we are feeling very blessed. The opportunity is not just for Paul though, it is for the whole family -- because my family lives in the Chicago area -- what a gift! The thought of living near my family has me very excited.

Although Tyler and Alyssa are leaving Paul's parents, they will be closer to my parents, my brothers and their wives, my sister and her husband, their cousin, Katlin, and their two new cousins who will be born in July! Not to mention tons of extended family.

All four of us are excited for a change ... for a new adventure. And this is the attitude we will take with us and teach to the children. This entire experience is a teaching experience for them -- about the logistics of moving and the emotions that go with it. It seems unusual to be feeling happy, excited, sad and scared all at the same time.

We're working with Tyler and Alyssa to sort through the emotions and be present as the friends and family we are leaving behind express their emotions, as well. It's difficult to know a decision you are making is hurting other people. It makes the whole experience feel bittersweet.

We know how it feels to be on the other end of good friends moving, as we've had two families move away from us recently. It is heartbreaking, but life does go on. Thank goodness for cell phones and the Internet! It's not the same, but it'll have to do for now.

Although everything for us is changing all at once, one thing is for sure -- we love, love, love our SWFL family and friends no matter where we live!


  1. How exciting! I know someone who works for YMCA national, not sure if he is still there though... I should check that out! What a great attitude you have. SKYPE has been helpful to us w/ long distances - espcially the girls to talk to their dad when he is on the road and to their grandparents in NM. Best of luck w/ your new adventure. And, in the dead of January - reread this post to remind yourself how excited you are!

  2. You'll probably need to come up with a new name for your blog! ;o)

  3. Wow! We will miss you very much down here, but how exciting!

  4. We moved to Chicago from sunny Arizona when my kids were 7 and 4. They absolutely loved living in Chicago and the transition was incredibly easy for them (and we didn't know anyone there at the time of the move). They still speak fondly of the four years we lived in the Windy City.

    I know you'll make it a special move and opportunity for the entire family!

    Chicago's gain is our loss though...

    -Pam Nulman

    p.s. I'm not anonymous. haha!