Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's all in the utensil

The other night at dinner, Alyssa became difficult. She wanted me to feed her. This is what she does when she is tired or when she is not thrilled about what is being served.

She’s four years old. I should not have to be feeding her – isn’t that supposed to stop when they’re babies???

But, every once in a while I’ll give in, just to get the job done – that’s a mistake, I know! Well, that night, I was not in the mood to feed her. I tried to be creative with my words, I tried to bribe her with dessert, but nothing was working. She kept whining, crying, and reaching across the table for me to help her.

I was out of ideas, so I got up and went into the kitchen to start cleaning up. I left her there with Tyler and Paul. Next thing I know, I hear commotion and whispering at the table. Something very exciting was going on! I pretended not to see what it was, because I got the gist I wasn’t supposed to. But, I knew. I peeked!

Next thing I know, Alyssa has finished her dinner – thanks to her Daddy’s creativity! He got her to eat by giving her chopsticks instead of a fork! Too funny! She loved the idea and went wild with it!

I was so grateful for Paul’s creativity – it was just what she (and I ) needed at that moment!

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