Sunday, May 17, 2009

A full week without Daddy

We are about to embark on a full week without Daddy -- he's off to California on business. I think I've got the week planned out to successfully keep my sanity!

My wonderful MIL will help on Tuesday, then a babysitter from 4-6 on Wed. and Thurs. so I can get some work done for my clients (I've got a BUSY work week this week), then another sitter for Bunko on Thurs. night.

(All I see are dollars flying out the window to the teenagers! But, it's for my sanity, so I say it's priceless!)

We're armed with a brand new security system, so safety shouldn't be keeping me up at night this time!

Plus, it's the last week of school for the kids, so there should be some excitement in the air surrounding that!

We'll find a play date for one of those days -- maybe Monday or Friday.

Wish this mom luck!

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