Sunday, August 10, 2014

Stop Waiting for the Perfect Time

One of the items I have had written on my to-do list all summer long is to have some girlfriends over.

I am a planner, so I was waiting for the perfect time to schedule it -- you know that time. When the schedule isn't too busy. When the house is clean. The grass is mowed. When you don't have too much work to do. When you have the proper amount of time to send out an invitation. When you have a theme chosen and maybe some decorations. When you have time to go shopping for food and beverages. When your husband is in town to help with the kids.
Stell and Dot official photo

To my shock and amazement, that time has never come this summer. Can you believe it? 

But what did happen is a friend from out-of-town called and said she was coming for a visit in one week. As if that wasn't awesome enough ... she also offered to host a Stella and Dot party for me and some friends while she was here. Yay!

What a perfect opportunity! I threw all of that wasteful caution to the wind, quickly drummed up an invite list of nearby friends and sent it out less than a week before the party. 

The party was a great success and I am SO glad I did it! It just felt so good to have some girlfriends over and hang out for a while. Plus, everyone bought some really cool jewelry and bags!

I have learned that it is possible and that it will be worth the fun and time spent with friends. I've got to stop waiting for the perfect time!

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