Saturday, April 26, 2014

The 5 Love Languages ... Which Animal Are You?

I'm reading this great book called The Noticer right now. The main character relates four of The Five Love Languages to animals. I found it to be a great depiction. See if you can relate:

Physical Touch -- A cat. Cats are creatures of physical contact. Cats don't pay attention to what you say. They don't come when you call them -- so no need for words of affirmation. Cats just want to be rubbed or scratched. And how they show love is by rubbing against you. "Touch me," the cat is saying!

Words of Affirmation -- A puppy. Puppies love to hear you speak to them about how wonderful they are. Their whole body wags when you speak kindly to them. And if you use an angry tone with them, puppies cower as if they are under attack. 

Quality Time -- A canary. A canary doesn't pay attention to who gives it food or water. It doesn't care what you say to it. It doesn't need to be touched. A canary is happiest when you sit and listen carefully to its song. A canary that is ignored will die.

Acts of Service -- A goldfish. Why? Because a goldfish can't hear you to listen for words of affirmation. You can't pet it and give it physical touch. It just loves for you to feed it and keep its water clean.

Gifts -- the author does not address this language in the book. If you had to pick an animal, what would you say?

If you want to know more about this philosophy about relationships, read The 5 Love Languages and join me for a book club this May. 

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