Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Scream of Terror

Since yesterday was a holiday, today was the first day of our week, but it didn't start off too well.

At precisely 6:30 a.m. the scream of a terrified Alyssa came curdling down the stairs into the kitchen -- the result of her new alarm clock that apparently scared the heck out of her! (Oops!)
A picture from a happier day!

As I was hugging her and calming her down, she said, "Mommy I feel weird."

"What kind of weird," I replied.

"Like I'm going to throw up," she said.

Oh geez! I rushed her to the bathroom to be near the toilet, and she stood there hunched over it for a minute or so. "Great, the stomach bug," I thought. But she never really threw up -- only phlegm came out. I was thinking we were lucky that her stomach was empty from the night before.

I noticed she was hot and sweaty. Suddenly burning up. White as a ghost.

She said she wanted to sit down for a minute, so she did, on the bathroom floor, when suddenly her eyes rolled back into her head and she fell over. OMG!! "What the heck is going on?"

At first she didn't respond to me calling her name, but then she did look up at me. It only lasted a second, but it seemed like an eternity.

We laid her down on the sofa and took her temperature, which was only 100.3. At that point, we decided to just let her rest. She slept for an hour.

When she woke up, said she wanted to watch TV and soon began requesting food and drink. I was surprised she wanted to eat so soon after that whole bathroom episode, so just to be safe, I held her off until the 2 hour mark to make sure her stomach had time to calm down.

That was thankfully the end of the drama. She slowly perked up throughout the day -- although she only got off the couch to go to the bathroom. It seems as though other cold symptoms are coming on now, so we'll see how this recovery goes! Hopefully quickly!

At this point the whole day feels like a blur. It certainly started off with a bang -- terror for her with the sound of an alarm clock and terror for me as she passed out (or whatever that was). Sheesh. Can we have a do-over on this day???

But even as I say that, I know I shouldn't, because there were many blessings in this day:
  1. It is only a minor illness.
  2. It gave me some valuable, restful time alone with Alyssa.
  3. Tyler could take the bus to school, so I didn't have to leave the house with a sick child.
  4. A friend offered to bring Tyler home from school for me (he doesn't ride the bus in the afternoons).
  5. I didn't have anywhere I "had" to be today, so I could easily stay home to take care of her and not worry about anything else.
  6. It's not the stomach bug!!!
  7. I had time to do several loads of laundry!
  8. I had several hours to sit on the sofa and get some work done on my new laptop!
  9. My calves were killing me from yesterday's workout, so I had a convenient excuse to skip today's workout!
  10. The gray, cloudy skies were very uninviting -- a great reason to stay inside and light some candles!
I could go on and on, but you get the point! Anyway, feel better Alyssa!!! Mommy loves you!


  1. Feel better soon Alyssa!! :) And, great job Mommy!

  2. LOVE, LOVE your perspective on this day! :) Hope Alyssa is back to her old self soon!