Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How would life be different if ...

How would life be different if you knew you are exactly where you are supposed to be? Whether you are currently living in the best time of your life or the most difficult time of your life ... whether you are happily cruising through life or dragging and feeling stuck in life.

Wouldn't you be able to handle the experience more peacefully if you knew you were supposed to be living it?

How would that change your attitude? Would it change any of your behaviors? Would you be able to accept it?

All of our experiences in life are designed to raise our consciousness and take us to the next level of living. If we can recognize that and accept it; it will be much easier to see the lessons we are supposed to be learning. There are always lessons. :)

What about this poor little doggie in the tree. Imagine what on earth he did to get stuck like that. Was he chasing a squirrel? How does he feel now that he is stuck? Frustrated? Scared? Lonely? Annoyed? Hungry? Does he like to be stuck? Does he want to feel this way again? No, of course not!

So, now that the doggie has taken an inventory of how it felt to be stuck, the next time the squirrel comes around tormenting him he will remember not to chase the squirrel up the two trees that are super close together.

You see, getting stuck served him. He learned a lesson. Who knows what harm that lesson will protect him from in the future.

Although you might not find yourself in the exact same predicament as this dog, you too can learn from every experience in your life. Are you frustrated in your marriage? Having trouble at work? Tired of family bickering? Struggling with finances? Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

If so, stop for a moment the next time you feel the frustration and see if you can figure out what you can learn from the situation. What can you do differently to get a different result?

Only when we slow down to examine our situation can we begin to see the necessary steps to get where we want to be!

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